「An Impreza Wagon Taken to the Limit!」A High-Spec GF8 That Can Continue Accelerating Through 5th Gear

Published : 2020/08/15 23:22 Modified : 2020/08/15 23:22

The specs put emphasis on acceleration, but it can top 230km/h too!



An Impreza sports wagon that was tuned for weekend trackdays!


This GF8 wagon was used as the owners daily commuter since he bought it in 2002. After tuning work, it clocked a top speed of 232.1km/h (V-Box measurement) which was recorded in OPTION magazine.


Mainly the car is used for city driving, but it is set up to be able to run with ease at track days held at local circuits like Honjo and Nikko.



The engine tuning increases boost with intake and exhaust by Maximum Works. Its an isometric exhaust manifold, 70φ front pipe and one-off original muffler. Tuning work generates 310ps at max boost pressure of 1.2kg. The intercooler is a front mounted unit and engine control is performed by an F-CON V Pro.



The factory front fenders were replaced with wider Do-Luck pieces that add 50mm to each side. Wheels and tires are 17-inch Work Emotion CR Kai (7J +42) and Advan Neova tires in 215/45 sizing.



The steering wheel is a Sparco and seat is a Prodrive full bucket. Boost meter and GReddy oil temp and pressure gauges have been added on the dashboard. Boost pressure is controlled by an HKS EVC IV which is mounted to the right of the steering column.


GC8 RA type driveshafts were installed after the factory ones were broken during drifting. The transmission is a 5-speed and differential has been increased from R160 to R180.



The rear seats and trim around the luggage compartment were removed to save weight. Vehicle inspection registration has been approved for two passengers. Even with an 8-point roll cage, the weight is kept to 1270kg.



In addition to the front fenders, exterior aero was also upgraded with a C-West front bumper and Ganador mirrors. The rear spoiler is a genuine factory product by STi.



The GC/GF type Impreza is a car that really shows its potential in the handling department. With a tuning spec that emphasizes acceleration and a low-geared final gear, this car can reach 232.1km/h in fifth gear.


Although it has only been lightly tuned, this Impreza is a unique machine that makes you wonder, “What speed could you reach with 6 gears?”