「It Ended in A Crash?!」An EK Civic Challenger Hits the American Dragstrip【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/08/16 21:51 Modified : 2020/08/16 21:51

The Signal Auto Civic lays down 9 second runs ① V-OPT.065 ⑦



This video is a throwback clip to Osaka’s prestigious tuning shop Signal Auto and their plan of attack on US soil using a drag ready Civic. This EK has over 500 horsepower and was rigourously tuned to clock in at the 9 second range with a stock body.



Signal Auto participated in the Battle of Imports (non-domestic model drag race event) though they didn’t perform well at first. However, they gradually improved to reach 10.07 seconds. In the final attack, everyone in attendance believed they would break that, but an accident occurred.