「This is the Way to Build a Modern Supra」A Street Tuner with Modern Sensibilities【OPTION Back Number】

Published : 2020/08/20 22:49 Modified : 2020/08/20 22:49

Winner of the Tuning Car Category Excellence Award at the Tokyo Auto Salon


A no-nonsense tuned JZA80


From the moment it was unveiled at the Varis booth at the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, news and photos of this JZA80 Supra quickly spread throughout the world by social media.



The code name given to this car is “Supreme”. It is not a remake using tuning parts commonly available at the time of the cars release, but rather a 90’s base that incorporates cutting edge tuning technology. It resulted in the ultimate retrofit.



Power comes from a high-compression 3.1L 2JZ-GTE. The turbo is a T88-38GK. The throttle is electronically controlled and equipped with functions such as shift cut and automatic blipping. Plans to install a sequential transmission with paddle shifters is in the works.



The exhaust is a one-off original titanium unit. The fuel tank was relocated which allows for a dual center exit.



The cockpit was outfitted with various updates for display at the Tokyo Auto Salon. Various panels have been upholstered in Alcantara with BRIDE gradation to create a fresh looking interior. The all-in-one multimeter is a full-color dash logger by AIM. The steering wheel is an OMP Super Quadro.


The transmission is a Getrag 6 speed but the latest Alvins sequential transmisson is on standby ready for installation. Paddle shift control is also on deck.



In contrast to the modern cockpit, the luggage space gives off a racy impression. The black box is a racing fuel tank manufactured by US Radium Engineering. The roll cage improves rigidity with added connection bars at all stress concentration points.



The exterior is outfitted with a full SUPREME Varis widebody kit. Design balances functionality with refined styling and has resulted in the full package of a top quality tuner car.



Because the kit flows so well with the body, its hard to notice just how wide the fenders are; 60mm added at the front on each side and 70mm on each side at the rear.



The body color is a full wrap done in matte blue. The texture of the carbon parts is left as-is to bring out a tuned atmosphere.



Headlights and taillights were upgraded to LED ones, all made by Car Shop Glow. There was no detail spared.



SUPREME = The best. The attitude of pursuing the ultimate in street tuning was done in such a way to arrive in a timeless product. It is a top of the line tuning project that exudes the feel of its creator.


●Special Thanks:Varis TEL:042-689-2939


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