「An R30 Skyline With a Twin Turbo L28?!」The Challenge of Easily Handling 400HP

Published : 2020/08/21 23:53 Modified : 2020/08/21 23:53

Power comes from a 3.0L modified L28 with twin turbos from an RB26


Packed with a GT-R tuner-like approach!


The famous GT-R tuners Garage Saurus have something special under development. This HR30, also known as the “Paul Newman Skyline” due to his appearance in their ads at the time, has a twin-turbo 3.0L L28!



The engine has been prepared and is almost ready to be mounted. The HKS GTIII-RS twin turbo installed via the original exhaust manifold has an overwhelming presence.



At first glance, it almost appears to be an RB engine. The surge tank and throttle will be installed soon. In terms of output, the target is around 400ps and to have a feeling of running well and normally under that power.



At the owner’s request, “I wanted modern power and performance in the feel of an old car”. A representative from Garage Saurus tell us that this car is still under tuning work and is now nearing completion.



“This HR30 is actually the same car that Mr. Akira Iida test drove in OPTION Magazines Skyline special feature. We would like him to have another test drive when tuning is complete to get his reaction on how different of a car it has become.”


The tuning work focuses only on the aforementioned power and performance with no changes being made to the exterior. We are looking forward to a real racing drivers impression after its complete.


●Special Thanks:Garage Saurus  4-8-16 Irumagawa, Sayama, Saitama Prefecture TEL:04-2968-9212


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