「A Solid S660 Built with A High Sense of Style」A Special Approach Gave This Car Its Lowdown Stance

Published : 2020/08/22 20:42 Modified : 2020/08/22 20:42

A slammed crimson red “S-Roku”



A slammed appearance that can also perform well at the circuit


This is a well thought out tuning job on a popular “Kei sports” model, the S660. Your eye is immediately drawn to the fender lines, which house thick rims beneath them.



The wheels are 16-inch 3-piece Work Meister M1. Gold stands out against the red body and black piece bolts give a high class accent. Tires are Kenda Kaiser (F165/45-16 R165/50-16).



The S660 has narrow tire housings from factory which make it challenging to get it low. Here, the knuckles, arms and suspension were one-off custom made to get the car sitting right. A lot of work has been done within the tire housings to change their shape and provide clearance for the wheels.



The fender markers were smoothed to emphasize the low and wide look, and the rear wing was mounted further back than usual. These modifications were made to make the car’s short wheelbase appear longer.



The exterior is unified with a number of aero parts. The GT wing was tailored to frame the rear rims when viewed from behind. Not only does this add visual appeal, but also provides an obvious visual guide for where the wheels sit so as not to curb them.


This incredible low style has been put together with tremendous effort. Its smart and aggressive looking finish provides an impact that makes you want to check the details closely. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)