「I Want to Go Back to Those Days・・・」Checking the Prices of Used GT-R’s Before the 25 Year Rule

Published : 2020/08/26 23:55 Modified : 2020/08/26 23:55

Only 7 years ago a BNR32 could be had for under 1 million yen!


The 25 year rule changed the fate of used GT-R pricing


One of the famous cars of the Heisei-era was of course the Skyline GT-R. Now in the Reiwa-era, its popularity continues to rise. The value of these cars has skyrocketed due to the increasing scarcity of high-quality used models.


The price of used cars is of course determined by the balance of supply and demand, but a major factor that affected the GT-R was the 25-year rule which drove prices of pristine examples sky high.



Under the 25-year rule, vehicles older than 25 years could be classified as a classic and imported legally into the United States.


The BNR32 became legal for import in 2014 and because of its popularity in America, the number of Japanese units suddenly and drastically disappeared. Excessive demand caused prices to soar and models that came after, the BCNR33 & BNR34 were no exception.



The current market for the BNR32 is between 2.5 and 8 million yen. The BCNR33 also around the same range, and the BNR35 between 6 and 20 million yen and up. Let’s look back at prices of these models on the market in 2013, just before the 25 year rule came into effect.






The BCNR33 at that time was a mainly a carry-over from the BNR32 though the engine was changed in detail. The chassis was significantly improved however many say that its long wheel base made it less like a sports car. At that time, its value was generally higher than the BNR32 with most examples around the 1 million yen range.



Then we have the BNR34. The example seen here on the left was a 2000 model, standard grade with 110,000km and no restoration history listed at 2.99 million yen. If you search for a similar car on the current market, the price is likely to be around 9 million yen.



Although the market price around 7 years ago cannot be said to be the proper value of the GT-R’s original price but there are bound to be many car guys thinking, “I should have bought one when I had the chance!”


Obviously, it is expected that the value of these GT-R models will continue to rise. If you’re thinking to buy a GT-R but hesitate without grabbing one now in 2020, you might be kicking yourself in another seven years when the values have gone even higher.