「The Return of Nostalgic Drifters!」Playback of the “Ikaten” North-Central Tournament Final【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/08/26 23:30 Modified : 2020/08/26 23:30

Rad Street Drift Teams Compete in the 62nd North-Central Tournament Final V-OPT.065 ⑥



Street warriors take to the circuit in this playback edition of the “Ika-ten” drift series videos, with coverage this time from the 62nd “Shin-Etsu” and “Hokuriku” areas of North-Central Japan. One notable entrant is drifter Ken Maeda who participated here as an amateur and then later went on to drive in D1GP and became known as “Mae-Ken”. Even at that time, he possessed a remarkable virtuosity that set him apart from other competitors.



Yasuyuki Kazama and Yuki Izumita particpate in the “Ika-ten” exhibition run. This is a festival full of skilled drivers. Let’s see the whole story: