「A Silvia Tuned in the Style of 90’s JGTC Machines」Real Racing Specifications Make This S15 Circuit-Ready!

Published : 2020/08/27 23:57 Modified : 2020/08/28 00:05

A circuit warrior with a JGTC300 machine as a motif


Real genuine racing parts increase this cars track performance


Here we introduce this S15 known throughout the region for its ferocity on circuits like Okayama International and Autopolis. It was developed using 90’s era JGTC machines as a motif and incorporates a variety of genuine racing parts including front and rear fenders, side skirts, intercooler and more.



Power comes from an SR20DET that has been expanded to a 2.2L spec using an HKS capacity-up kit. The turbo is an RX6 from IHI which produces 420ps at max boost pressure of 1.6kg. It puts emphasis on medium to low speed torque. Engine management is done by reprogramming the genuine factory ECU.



The intercooler with a Calsonic logo is one out of an actual GT300 car. It was mounted in a V position with custom one-off piping. The engine oil cooler and power steering cooler are also horizontally mounted.



The body was reinforced at the strut towers. The frame in front of the struts was cut sharply to allow clearance when the car was lowered. The undercarriage was also redeveloped to maximize circuit performance and be compatible with the cars extremely low ride height.



The front and rear brake calipers are Brembo. Ducts for cooling the braking systems are located in the tire housing.



The instrument panel is genuine factory but almost all of the cockpit has been stripped, removing all driver comforts, dashboard and unnecessary panels. With pedals and a Chilton Racing kill switch equipped, this tuning car is a serious racing machine.



The fuel tank has been optimized for even weight distribution. To combat high risk in a rear-end collision, it was changed to a 45-liter tank and relocated to the where the rear seats were. The rod-shaped objects seen on the right and left are air jacks.



A carbon rear window and other lightweight parts help the car weigh in at only 1190kg. It lapped Okayama International Circuit with the owner behind the wheel at 1 minute 38 seconds. With further tuning work, the owner expects to steadily improve his times.