「There’s One in China Too!」The Top Secret V12 Supra That Was Born from Smokey Nagata Mania!

Published : 2020/08/28 22:03 Modified : 2020/08/28 22:03

It’s not a V12 but… This 3.4L modified 2JZ creates 840hp by way of a T51R turbo!



A powerful, fully tuned high spec Supra that sits at the top of the Chinese street scene!


“The popularity of Smokey Nagata is worldwide!” Proof of this lies in this replica model of Nagata’s famous V12 Supra. The owner is a longtime fan of Top Secret who has built this car over a long period.



As expected, it would be quite a task to replicate the V12 engine of the original, but the 2JZ under the hood is not a normal one. Bore stroke was changed to 87φ x 94mm using HKS’s 3.4L capacity upgrade kit. On the head side an HKS high cam was installed (IN & EX 280 degrees) to enhance power in the high rpm range. The large capacity surge tank is a GT model by JUN Auto.



The turbo is a T51R SPL-BB which can be said to be synonymous with big singles. The compatibility with the 3.4L spec is very good, and the owner is satisfied with steady boost rising from low speed range without stress. The car uses an F-CON V PRO & EVC for engine contol and produces 840ps at max boost of 1.8kg.



The fuel pump and collector tank are laid out beautifully where the rear seat was. A partition made of transparent acrylic has accent lighting and mirrors to create an eye pleasing presentation.



The car is equipped with the same 19-inch Volk Racing GT-F as the original. Attention was also given to the brakes by Chinese tuners 「HAND WIN」who installed their 8-pot calipers at the front and Brembo 4-pot calipers at the rear.



「This has gotta be the world’s most famous street Supra. Smokey Nagata is a big name in the Chinese tuning world. It’s my dream to someday take a photo with him」says the owner. Smokey Nagata’s Japanese tuning influence reaches far and wide.



25 times the land area of Japan, and home to about 1.3 billion people, China boasts a surprisingly high level of tuning heat. Although still largely considered a “rich man’s hobby”, street tuning is gaining popularity showing that a “runner’s spirit” is universal. The owner of this Supra is challenging European super sports cars on the night highways of his own country.