「This S15 has Some Devilish Tuning Mods?!」This is a True “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”!

Published : 2020/08/30 23:28 Modified : 2020/08/30 23:28

Equipped with an insanely powerful engine behind its slick looking exterior


A 2JZ-GTE and T78-33D turbo produce 600 horsepower!


This S15 Silvia was made by tuning shop Garage D-Friends in Fukuoka prefecture. It packs a serious punch that you might not expect just by looking at its simple and refined exterior.



Under the hood is not an SR20DET at all, but rather a 2JZ-GTE out of a JZA80 Supra. It was said that this choice was made to create an impact, but nothing feels out of place so many even overlook the swap upon first glance. There is a NISMO logo on the head cover to tease onlookers.



The turbo choice was a T78-33D which was selected for its power and easy to handle response. D-JETRO control with an F-CON V PRO manage the engine and 600ps is generated at max boost of 1.5kg



The intake funnel was enlarged and the throttle expanded to an Infiniti Q45 90φ.



The radiator is a large capacity unit for an SR20DET but clearance with the 2JZ is tight. In addition, the intercooler is set infront of the opening in the bumper to save space and the oil cooler is mounted on the grille.



Like the understated exterior, the interior is also near-stock from factory. Additional gauges are cleverly installed in the air conditioner outlets.



When the engine was swapped, the transmission was also changed to a genuine factory Getrag 6-speed from a JZA80. Since the Getrag has a large bellhousing which was affixed with a one-off custom mount, the floor was cut with consideration to maintenance when replacing the clutch.



The exterior has factory fenders and a simple look that includes full 326-Power aero parts. The muffler is also given thought blend with the simple body lines. Work Meister S1 wheels assert presence.



The NA grade Spec-S emblem was affixed to the fender for a touch of humour.



This is a demo car full of interesting ideas and depth. Its “wolf in sheep’s clothing” approach has an element of surprise for those who look beyond the surface.


●Garage D-Friends:993-1 Fujiyamamachi, Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL:0942-51-0388


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