「Now is the Best Chance to Visit?!」The『STI Gallery』is a Sanctuary for Subaru Maniacs

Published : 2020/08/31 21:33 Modified : 2020/08/31 21:33

There are a lot of vehicles on display now!


A special exhibit for tuning car lovers in now underway


The Subaru STi Gallery was renovated for a January 2019 re-opening. This is a facility opened by the STi division in Mitaka City, Tokyo where the head office is located.



Though already a familiar place to any Subaru maniac, entry is free so if you’re a car fan of any kind, you should definitely make a visit.



IMPREZA 22B STI version


Now is the best timing to visit because of the rare case that many of the special vehicles are on-hand. Due to the influence of COVID-19 there are few events which these vehicles are often lent out to, so now all those vehicles are displayed in-house.


Such rally and race models as the『LEGACY RS 555 (1993 New Zealand)』『IMPREZA WRC 1998(1998 Italia)』『IMPREZA WRC 2008』『SUBARU WRX STI NBR Challenge 2016』『IMPREZA 22B STI version』in addition to the『S209』and『SUBARU VIZIV PERFORMANCE STI CONCEPT』are now all on display.



It seems that the exhibition contents can change without notice, but currently the【TRY & ERROR Creation Trail】exhibit is on display. This exhibition shows various STi tuning parts that became successful as well as ones that landed at the bottom of the heap during development stages.



Parts that were deemed “No Good” have landed in the waste bin. One interesting point here is to find the slight differences between the products final versions which are displayed alongside their inferior versions.



In addition, you can buy souvenirs in a vending machine (credit card ok) containing exclusive goods only available here. You can also view STi mini cars and browse rare reading material and magazines in a relaxing space.



Among the scale mini cars on display there are ones donated by fans along with a nameplate of the donor. There is also a dedicated pillar where fans and visitors can leave a message.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the facility is currently only open Saturdays and Sundays. That said, it is still a perfect time to visit. Also please note that because on-site parking is not available, public transport is encouraged when visiting.


●Special Thanks:STi Gallery  3-9-6 Osawa, Mitaka City, Tokyo Prefecture

※Open Saturday and Sunday 10:00~17:00


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