「A Hachiroku with a 400hp 3S Turbo Engine!」The Aggressive Custom Overfenders Are Also a Highlight

Published : 2020/09/04 21:45 Modified : 2020/09/04 21:45

400 horsepower makes this AE86 Levin super exciting!


A hachi-roku with hot performance and styling to match!


This AE86 Levin has super wide silhouette type overfenders in both front and rear. They have been produced one-off custom, easily swallowing 9.5J width wheels and creating an aggressive form without breaking the style.



The owner of this AE86 dared to swap the engine to a 3S-GTE. By combining a wastegate type TD06-20G turbo and refinining intake and exhaust, 400ps is produced. Originally the car had a turbocharged 4A-G but after numerous troubles, it was decided to replace it with a more reliable unit.



17-inch Work Meister S1’s fit beneath the wide fenders. Front and rear are both 9.5J. Celsior monoblock calipers are used to handle stopping power that correspond to the higher output.



The fuel filler panel is shaped so as not break the lines of the wide silhouette fender. Opening and closing operation was taken into consideration and a one-push latch makes access convenient.



The interior has a very racy feel. The main gauges housed in a carbon panel. The steering wheel is a TOMS model and a roll cage has been installed. The transmission is an 6-speed SXE10 out of an Altezza. In front of the shift gate there is a brake balancer.



The front and rear fenders a produced in high quality but you can still feel that they are one-off original production pieces. Their lines result in a shape that feels fresh and sporty while keeping a balanced apperance with the compact body. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)