「The Owner Poured His Heart Into This Car!」A Crimson S15 Silvia That Continues to Evolve!

Published : 2020/09/06 23:00 Modified : 2020/09/06 23:00

2.2L spec with a GT3037S turbo result in a highly durable 430hp package


A tuned S15 that deftly balances power and reliability!


This S15 is the owners treasured car with a desire to “set myself apart from the others”. Tuning work was done by Fujimura Auto. The owner enthusiastically participates in track days monthly.


The exterior is equipped with a C-WEST GT body kit, a plan that actually began with a crash at the circuit. Following repairs, this full kit was installed. The exterior was then repainted to a unique red metallic that is based on genuine Ferrari Rosso Corsa color. The image was completely changed from the car’s original white.



The front fenders were increased in width by 30mm on each side. Rears had an increase of 40mm on each side. For circuit use, a 3mm spacer is added and Volk Racing RE30 in 9.5J +15 sizing are installed. Tires are an M compound Advan A050 in 255/40-17.


The GT type C-WEST kit was chosen to highlight the TE37s that the owner uses for daily city driving. The RE30s pictured here are strictly for circuit use.



The rear diffuser is an RE Amemiya model produced for the FD3S. The exhaust was rerouted to the center to integrate with the diffuser. Exhaust volume is kept quiet by a silencer.



The wing for circuit use is a Vortex GT Type 2 wing that is offset moderately to the rear. The flap width is 1700mm.



The engine is an HKS 2.2L spec SR20DET with a GT3037S turbo. Emphasis has been put on widening the torque band than on peak power. Control comes from an F-CON V PRO. Max output is 430ps with consideration given to engine durability.



With the wider fenders in place, Ikeya Formula’s pillowball arms were selected for expanding the tread width. HKS 2-way pillowball upper mounts were also installed.



The suspension is based around an HKS Hipermax kit (F12kg/mm R9kg/mm). For the brakes, there are AP Racing calipers with 6-pot on the front and 4-pot on the rear.



The car looks clean enough to be a show car, but there’s no doubt that this car’s main use is the circuit. The owner continues to improve his lap times at Okayama International Circuit.


This S15 is full of beauty and function. It is a true tuning machine that channels its owner’s energy and spirit.


●Special Thanks:Fujimura Auto 65 Kamitoba Unohana, Minami ward, Kyoto Prefecture TEL:075-661-9393


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