Lamborghini Urus look body kit for Toyota Harrier!!??

Published : 2020/09/08 21:59 Modified : 2020/09/08 22:03

Toyota Harrier has lots of common points with Lamborghini Urus…….



Exotic SUV Style body kit became affordable.


We found out Albermo who’s known for Ferrari Portofino conversion kit for Prius is developing new body kit.

Lamborghini Urus

Toyota Harrier


This time Albermo is transforming new Harrier to Urus.



They are from different companies and in totally different price range. But their windows and roof design line are close that the conversion kit seems very natural even the volumes up front bumper and over fender. Of cause it doesn’t make the car exactly looks like Urus, but still really a good package overall.



This kit will include front and rear bumpers, overfenders, and rear wing. For the muffler, they are collaborating with 5zigen to make center dual muffler. However, it’ll work for stock muffler as well.



They are planning to release in October and hasn’t set the price but it should be in average harrier body kit price range. We can’t wait to introduce more info. Stay tuned!


●info:Albermo TEL:0883-45-0321