「The Famous Mr. Miura Has Done It Again!」A 580,000yen Pandem Widebody Kit for the GR Yaris!

Published : 2020/09/09 23:11 Modified : 2020/09/09 23:11

Pandem kit specs were announced at the same time as the release of the GR Yaris!


The price of the widebody kit is 580,000 yen!


Rewind to SEMA 2012 when the 86/BRZ made its debut. Many of the tuned bases there displayed bolt-on overfender kits arranged in a modern style. The kits had a strong impact as if designed from factory. From that point, the brand known as Rocket Bunny and the designer Kei Miura’s name became world famous.



The latest work by Miura is this widebody GR Yaris kit. This original form is yet another example of the blend of old and new styles we can only call “Miura Magic”.



This work will be released under the PANDEM brand, and the difference from the Rocket Bunny style is the shape of the fenders. Rocket Bunny follows a bolt-on overfender type of shape and PANDEM fenders are blister type.



Widebody widths for these kits seem to change depending on the model, but the rears aim for widths of 60-70mm per side. This width looks coolest so it can be said to be a sort of golden ratio. This is the case for the GR Yaris kit too, measuring about 60mm each side.



The price of the kit comes in at 580,000 excluding tax. It is no exaggeration to say that TRA Kyoto could be leading the current aero parts manufacturing movement. In any case, those who purchase the GR Yaris are sure to be attracted to this sporty looking kit.


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