「A Challenger Who Won Driving His Girlfriend’s Car!」Highlights from the 63rd Ikaten Hokkaido Drift Contest! [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/09/10 23:56 Modified : 2020/09/10 23:56

Cool Street Team Heaven at the 63rd Hokkaido Ikaten Drift Contest Individual Final V-OPT066 ⑤



“Ikaten” and “Ikaten Street Team” Drift Contests were famous events that decided the top drivers in each region. This video shows highlights from the 63rd Ikaten Hokkaido Tournament, in which current D1GP driver Shingo Hatanaka appeared as an amateur and a female drifter with an aggressive style appeared. Many heated battles were fought.



After the tournament, Max Orido who served as a contest judge gave us his impression and wrap-up. Watch close as the winner shows his amazing technique driving his girlfriend’s car with her in the passenger seat!