「A 4-Door S13 Silvia Appears」An Itasha Drift Machine with an RB26DETT Swap

Published : 2020/09/10 11:04 Modified : 2020/09/10 11:04

Although the interor and exterior appear as an S13, the car has 4-doors and an RB26?!


What is the true identity of this drift sedan made with a mix of different nissan cars?


The owner told us that he was originally driving and drifting an S13 Silvia. One day he thought “Wouldn’t it be cool to see a 4-door version of an S13?” and then he started work on this car.



The base for this drift car is actually a 4-door R32 Skyline. The area around the rear was remade using an S13 rear end. Graphics on the car help the lines blend so that it looks like a flashy Silvia upon first glance. The owner tells us that he bought this car full normal with an NA engine four years ago and did most of the work himself.



The front fenders are modified D-MAX pieces made for R32. The front was molded with priority on getting the headlights and bumper to sit in a natural position to create a smooth natural look.



The front bumper is a BN Sports model for S13. The connection with the front fenders draws a beautiful line and quality of work and fitment of parts is are high throughout. The side skirts are also BN Sports and the rear bumper is made by URAS.



The rear wing is a drag mount spec. The owner incorporated this wing in admiration of R32 driver Mr. Satsukawa of the drift team “A-Bo-Moon” and his world famous 4-door Skyline.



The suspension is equipped with 326 Power Chakuriki Damper system (F40kg/mm R20kg/mm). The hubs from an R32 Skyline Type M have been transplanted on the car making it a spec with opposed calipers and the front and rear are both 5-lug.



The wheels are WORK Emotion in 9.5J +9 front and rear. They were finished in custom Imperial Gold.



The commitment to looking like an S13 extends to the interior as well. The dashboard and center console were transplanted from a 180SX which has the same shape as the S13.



The engine is not an SR20DET but rather an RB26DETT. It was selected by the owner as a unit that could draw power easily for drifting. After incorporating Tomei Powered’s forged pistons and high cam, he installed an M7655 turbo. This results in an output that exceeds 400ps.



The turbo is an overhead mount spec via the exhaust manifold produced by the owner. Although this is a spec that can aim for 500ps, it is not able to draw sufficient power due to the balance of exhaust efficiency. The owner seems to be thinking about a way around this.



It is a car that shines with a high level of tuning work like a show car, but it definitely gets circuit time as evidenced by the scratches on the aero parts. “I originally made this car to drift, there’s no point in the car just sitting around looking pretty” says the owner. This 4-door S13 has an aura that sets it apart from other drift cars and remains the owners treasured machine on and off the track.


PHOTO:Hayato Tsuchiya

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