「A Full Custom Lowdown Z31!」Blending Old-School Style with Modern Trends

Published : 2020/09/11 23:58 Modified : 2020/09/11 23:58

Almost all parts are one-off custom!


Headers and a mecha-tuned RB25 are highlights


This Z31 exudes a neo-classic atmosphere throughout, keeping an old-school flavor while incorporating a variety of modern parts. It was produced by tuning shop “Suzuki Auto” in Iwate Prefecture, who once specialized in customizing VIP cars.



Your eye is first drawn to how low the car is. However, this is not driving height but rather a parking height where the built in air suspension is lowered to a minimum. This makes its low-down style useable as a daily.



The air suspension is a one-off original system. A universal air tank with integrated compressor is mounted between the rear struts. Coilovers for a L175S Move were used in which Firestone airbags were attached.



The wheels are 17-inch Barramundi Eleven. Fronts are 9.0J -10 and rears are 9.5J -35. Brakes were upgraded by using genuine factory BNR32 ones.



The body color is an original grey. It was finished in a pearl coating in which seven colors emerge depending upon how the light hits it.



The base vehicle is a ZR grade car that came with an RB20. The engine was swapped to the NA RB25 seen here. The head incorporates HKS high cams to improve power in the high rev range. Intake and exhaust were optimized using Trust’s large capacity surge tank and Fujitsubo exhaust manifold. “I tried to inject a bit of classic style even into the modernized engine” says the owner.



The interior is packed with old-school bits including a Michelotti steering wheel which the owner has been using over 30 years. A retrofitted power window kit was also installed. A pair of old Recaro SR-3’s sit in the cockpit.



Apparently this car has been built from the ground up using an immoveable vehicle. Using original Hiro aero parts gives the car a timeless look but the latest custom parts like an air suspension bring the car into the modern era. The result is an attractive custom tuning car.


●Special Thanks:Suzuki Auto  11-10 Yahaba Kemuyama, Shiwa, Iwate Prefecture TEL:019-618-0987


PHOTO:Hayato Tsuchiya

●Event Coverage:Street Wheelers Summer Session 2020