「This is a Hundred Times Better Than the GR Supra!」Smokey Nagata Gets Excited About the New Fairlady Z Prototype!

Published : 2020/09/17 11:14 Modified : 2020/09/17 11:14

Nissan’s first manual FR turbo since the S15 Silvia!


「The brakes are the same as the R35 GT-R」says Smokey Nagata


After repeated teaser videos, Nissan has finally “digitally” unveiled their prototype for the next Fairlady Z.



Top Secret’s Smokey Nagata, who watching the unveiling in real-time told us “It’s much cooler than I imagined. Nissan is good at making sports cars. Personally, I like this 100 times better than the GR Supra. They’ve kept the traditional long nose and short deck style, yet it feels very advanced.”



“Unlike the concept model, the prototype refers to a state that is as close to possible for the commercial market. I think this is a good tactic by Nissan. From the tuners point of view, there are a lot of possibilities to evolve the car. You could make a long-nose front bumper work, I feel.”



Smokey Nagata has a strong image as a tuner of the GT-R, but he also has a history with the Fairlady Z. He ran a modifed Z33 in D1GP and Z34 demo car with original aero parts and turbo kit. “I’m not really into the older Z models like the S30, but I like Heisei-era Z’s.”



Regarding the powertrain, only a hint of a “V6 twin turbo with 6-speed manual” was announced, but “Considering the Nissan lineup, the Skyline 400R VR30DDTT will most likely power it. The brakes are the same Brembo model as the R35. There will be a manual spec model and it seems like a very grown-up sport coupe with many possibilities.”



The world’s top tuners are taking notice of this new generation Z, with some saying “It feels like a modern version of the S30!” There were a flood of other responses including, “I had to take a break off work to catch the unveiling live!” and “I felt I wanted a new car for the first time in a long while.” If you think about it, this is Nissan’s first manual FR turbo since the S15 Silvia. If you’re a car fan, you can’t help but get excited at this news.



“Nissan’s true soul are the GT-R and Fairlady Z. Its a difficult time to roll out a sports model but as Fairlady Z General Manager Mr. Tamura said, ‘Nissan has to change gears if we want to be the best'”. Smokey Nagata says “I’m really rooting for Nissan with this model. Will I buy it? Of course!” The ball is in Nissan’s court now.