「An M3 Using State-of-the-Art Digital Tuning!」A Circuit Spec E30 Trained at Autopolis

Published : 2020/09/18 00:33 Modified : 2020/09/18 00:33

An NA mechanical tune built for the circuit


This is a first-gen M3 professionally controlled by V-Pro


This E30 M3 whose home course is Autopolis located in Kyushu, south Japan. The circuit has a 900m long back straight and many complex technical corners. It was tuned by “Take One” who are regulars in the time attack scene at Autopolis. The car is characterized by its lighter weight than on peak power, and particular focus was given to the suspension setup. Let’s take a look at the details.



The engine has such modifications as combustion chamber processing, port polishing and the introduction of Schrick high cams (IN 296 degrees, EX 286 degrees). Output is 280ps. It was converted to direct ignition using parts diverted from an SR20DET.



Settings are controlled by HKS’s F-CON V-PRO. To install it required removal of all harnesses and modifications like transplanting the throttle position sensor from an SW20 and crank angle sensor for SR20 were required.



The suspension is based on a custom-made Aragosta setup (F16kg/mm R22kg/mm). It was rigourously set using original adjustable pillow bushings. All brake systems were upgraded to ARMA Speed parts.



The exterior features custom fenders that widen the front and rear by about 15mm on each side. The rear keeps the original blister shape. This makes it possible to install 9.5J +28 Volk Racing TE37. Tires are Advan A050 in 245/40-17 sizing at the front and 255/40-17 at the rear. The differential is equipped with a KAAZ LSD.



One-off custom canards were used on a Vortex GT wing and an external rear diffuser from an FD3S was modifed to fit. It creates an image that is not your everyday E30.


This first generation M3 shines with a unique modern digital tuning approach by Take One. They’ve put their unmistakeable touch on yet another rare base import tuned machine.


●Special Thanks:Pro Shop Take One  376-13 Shimonagaecho, Miyakonojo, Miyazaki Prefecture TEL:0986-39-4810