Challenging S2000 NA fastest attack in TSUKUBA!57 seconds of drama

Published : 2020/09/18 11:00 Modified : 2020/09/24 23:53

Because it doesn’t have much power, use the aero dynamics power.


Ultimate speck for track attacker!


This car is owned by a driver keeps building his S2000 to challenges S2000 NA time record in Tsukuba.

Ever since S2000 NA time record in Tsukuba was established by ASM and, “57,398” had been the record for NA S2000 in Tsukuba for a long time until this car marked “57,376”. The battle between ASM and the owner of this car has been started.



K-TEC 2.4L complete motor “F240-VLP” revs at 8500rpm marks 340ps with 12.3 compression. They tried ITB but the throttle response gets too sensitive that they put the single throttle back.



Autostrada tunes F-CON V pro, and build the whole car as well.



All the dry carbon panels, dash, and small ATL gas tank help the weight of 1029kg(2268.6lb) Quaife sequential dog box has special gear ratio for Tsukuba.


For the suspension, it runs Ennepetal coilover with Hypraco springs and Ikeya formula arms. Spring rates are F18kg/mm&R19kg/mm which is bit soft for the S2000s. 4.7 final gear with Cusco type MZ-LSD sends the power to the ground.


 Tsukuba suited up exterior is always exciting. Amuse front bumper + Under Suzuki produced under board for the front and, Vortex double element wing for the rear. Front and rear fenders are modified to fit 295/35-18s ADVAN A050 all around.



The awesome part of this car is the cornering speed. It only marks 174km/h at the back stretch but, it marks 9.8 seconds in sector 3.(which is very fast) They proved all the weight reduction and aero parts works properly.


The driver used to go in direzza challenge cup but since Tsukuba has became hot place for time attack, the owner was attracted by the atmosphere. His challenge goes on.