ER34 price is out of control!!! Now the starting price is close to 3milion yen.

Published : 2020/09/19 05:30 Modified : 2020/09/24 21:20

Second gen GT-R market price affected to FR skylines


We interviewed the biggest R34 specialist shop “Shaft auto service”


While second gen GT-R market price is going up, R34 FR skyline market pice started to get higher.



“Average price of ER34(none GT-R model) went up insane level that I can’t follow” by Shibuya san from Shaft auto service.


He also said. “For example we could easily find a 2door turbo, 5speed with 100k km ER34 for 2m yen budget. But now their starting price is 3m yen.”



Usually used car price is depending on supply and demand, but for the ER34 case, it’s more like second gen GT-R market price affected to it that many user have noticed this weird situation and call to Shaft auto service.



Shibuya san says “Many customers comes to the shop are in hurry. The number of customers aren’t gaining, but they make decisions quick and buy. Right now our stocks were purchased around April, 2020 so they are lots cheeper than the market price now. But we can’t keep this price after they are gone”.



We don’t know how ER34 market price change in the future but Shibuya san thinks it’ll go up little by little. However, 4door price are not crazy as 2doors’, so it might be a good idea to go for sedan now.

 If you don’t want to regret that you didn’t buy ER34 in the future you might not have much time left.


●special thanks :Shaft auto service 2129-1 Yarimizu Hachiougi Tokyo TEL:042-677-3915



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