「High Level Attack from Up North!」Playback of the ‘Ika-ten’ Street Team Tohoku Tournament【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/09/20 23:59 Modified : 2020/09/20 23:59

Street Drift Team Heaven’s 64th Tohoku Tournament ① V-OPT.067③



The video picked up this time is the 64th Tohoku Tournament of the ‘Ika-ten’ series. The moderators are Tsuchiya, Mana-P and Orido when they were much younger. The venue is the nostalgic SS Park Circuit in North-Central Japan.



Ika-ten was the tournament which decided the strongest drift team in each area. Tohoku, which is known as an area with some of the most skilled drifters nationwide, had its fair share of remarkable single runs and groups. As it started to rain, grip on the track deteriorated and participants started showing some truly bold driving!