RAYS「Costs More to Make Than the Real Thing?!」Scale Miniature Volk Racing TE37 Campaign Prize

Published : 2020/09/20 00:20 Modified : 2020/09/20 22:55

Volk Racing’s extreme attention to detail extends into miniatures


A campaign with an easy application to win super elaborate 1:4 scale TE37SAGA models


Volk Racing, which famously embodies the top level performance required for sports wheels by incorporating the most advanced technologies used in motorsports has created an intreguing new item. This is the 1:4 scale TE37SAGA.



Just like the real thing, the scale model also adopts RAYS patented A.M.T. machine engraved technology. The lightening process on the rear surface is also faithfully reproduced. The construction methods are similar to the original and the material is machined aluminum.



As for the color, bronze and diamond dark gunmetal that exist in the TE37SAGA lineup are both available. The staff behind making it tell us that the production costs are higher than an actual full scale TE37 wheel! Scary stuff!



In fact, the 1:4 scale TE37SAGA miniature are an ultra-rare item limited to production of 20 pieces specifically for RAYS current Facebook and Instagram campaign. It will be run from September 1st until November 30th. They will be awarded as a prize to 20 individuals.



If you attach the hashtag「#VOLK買ったぞ」to an image of your car equipped with Volk Racing wheels that you purchased and post it to social media, you will have entered yourself into the campaign contest. 20 users will be selected among those entires to receive this special limited item. Volk Racing enthusiasts should not miss this big chance!


●Contact:RAYS TEL:06-6787-0019


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