「The Owner Bought it New 30 Years Ago」A Fully Tuned FD3S That Evolved Over 3 Decades!

Published : 2020/09/23 21:52 Modified : 2020/09/23 21:52

A masterpiece created by the love of the owner and technical skills of a tuner


A crimson FD3S packed with precision technique from Fujita Engineering


Fujita Engineering is known as a premier rotary tuner in Japan. The tuning path for Mr. Fujita is often focused on tuning for pure-blooded street spec modifications. Likewise, the policy for this FD has not been to create a racing car, but rather to support the users updating his personal car to his desired level.



This 1992 model FD3S is one that Fujita Engineering has constantly been in charge of tuning and maintaining since it was bought by the owner as a brand new car long ago. Recently a full scale refresh was performed so now it shines like a new car once again.



The engine is a 5 side-port specification made by Fujita. The balanced rotor with a compression ratio of 8.5 is modified with DLC and assembled with a unique 3-split apex seal.


The turbo is a Garrett G35-1050. The compatibility with a rotary engine and high exhaust pressure creates good performance with thick turbo torque rising from low speed. Response is also great. Control is carried out by the standard power FC.



The exhaust environment is a layout of Feed stainless exhaust manifold with SONIC front pipe and titanium exhaust.



The suspension is built around the FEED Pro F-09 Demon King Spec coilover. Spring rate is 18kg/mm front and rear. Arms were converted to full pillowball type to move the suspension linearly with respect to load on it.



For the front brakes, Trust GREX Alcon were used. Because this is a famous part from way back when, this can be seen as proof that the car has undergone many stages of tuning over the years. The rear is balanced with a normal caliper and big rotor.



The wheels are Advan Racing RS-DF Progressive (F/R 12J) on Advan A052 tires in 295/30-18 sizing.



The exterior parts including the front bumper, side skirts, front / rear fenders and GT wing are all produced by Fujita Engineering. This aero parts kit was released by Fujita as WTAC specification.



The cockpit is simple yet sporty. All interior parts and driver comforts have been removed in favor of weight reduction. Door panels were swapped out to FRP parts. The weight is an impressive 1100kg.



There were numerous efforts to increase rigidity. The chassis was spot welded throughout and a rollcage with a racing style crossbar was installed. 



About 30 years after purchasing this FD as a new car, it has evolved making countless changes in specification. It conveys the deep affection of its owner and over time has reached a near perfect balance.


●Special Thanks:Fujita Engineering  1-82-1 Yashimocho, Higashi, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture TEL:072-258-1313


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