Scooped super rare left hand drive North American model AE86! USDM freak’s final answer!

Published : 2020/09/23 05:30 Modified : 2020/09/24 23:14

Left hand drive imported AE86 is super rare!


It has not only Hachiroku silhouette but also has American atmosphere.

The owner loves AE86 USDM build but this one is real left hand drive based build.



Not many people don’t know but AE86 was a global model car sold in North America and Europe. In North America, it was called COROLLA SPORT(only Trueno front end). However, it became super popular and rare because of “Initial D” and drift movement in America.



This VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) plate on inside of the door is one of the differences between Japanese and North American model.



As it said on the caution plate, it originally came with 4A-C 1.6 SOHC 8valve motor. That means the base car is SR5 model which is like AE85 in Japan. Owner swapped it to 4A-G.


Also, exterior has been modified to GT-S look. GT-S logos on the side are aftermarket stickers. Owner has original sticker but the original one is like pixie art shape.



Saclam exhaust system is popular for AE86 owner in Japan. It has amazing high pitch sound from this gentle look tail end.



It has BLITZ coilover and 8.5j SSR formula mesh for the footwork. Fenders have been fold but kept the stock width.



Owner kept all the interior parts. North American model blue interior and left hand drive has huge impact.


Trunk space is filled with original custom audio which fitted as much as simple and try not to distract rest of the interior.


Owner says he wants to refresh the wiring and body in the future to keep the car as long as possible.

Real USDM hachiroku build by real USDM freak. We are looking forward to see how this build turns out in the future.


PHOTO:Shinichi Tsutsumi

●Filmed at:All 86 Fan Meeting 2020 in Haruna