「A Demon Camber Low-Down Silvia with 20,000km on the Clock!」A Slammed S13 in Pristine “Jun-Beta” Form

Published : 2020/09/24 23:13 Modified : 2020/09/24 23:13

The frame is on the ground!


The car looked like this just six months after the owner bought it


Despite the full factory normal aero parts, this S13 has an eye catching look thanks to its extreme lowdown form. For car models that are popular for such ‘shakotan’ style modification, getting to this level of low is not out of the ordinary. However, for an S13 this clean with all original factory interior and exterior to be this slammed is something you don’t see everyday.



“The car is a K’s model, which is the final spec of the 1993 model. It was totally pristine when I bought it with only 20,000km on the odometer. The previous owner kept it garaged and rarely drove it,” says the owner. So this is how it maintained its beautiful condition.



Purchased at a used car auction, the owner no doubt paid a premium price for such an unmolested S13. Still, he wasted no time modifying it and slamming it to an extreme ride height.


The exterior is meant to retain as much as the original factory normal look as possible. The fenders are not modified beyond simply rolling the inner guards. The suspension is a 326-Power Chakuriki Damper system (F40kg/mm, R32kg/mm). Original lower arms and tension rods sit up front and skid racing arms at the rear. This is a beautiful “factory-looking” low-down style.



The wheels are WORK Equip 40. Wheels in 15-inch sizing were intentionally selected with consideration to classic ‘shakotan’ styling. Sizing is 9.5J +1 at the front and 10J -28 at the rear.



A ducktail visor on the rear is a selected piece from the import market, adding a bit of understated stylishness. There is a motorcycle helmet done in rising sun flag paintwork on the rear parcel shelf, as the owner also owns a CBX400F.



The interior has also maintained its beautiful state as well. Simple upgrades include a BRIDE VIOSIII on the drivers side.



The SR20DET engine is fully stock, but maintaining such a beautiful condition without overhaul is like a miracle. In addition, long-term storage vehicles are prone to mechanical troubles, but this Silvia’s engine was started regularly and cared for well by its previous owner.



The 26-year-old owner loves low-down cars and finished all work seen here in only six months after buying the car. In the future, he tells us that he will upgrade the exhaust to get more clearance underneath.


PHOTO:Hayato Tsuchiya

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