「Savior of the Lowdown GT-R!」Debut of High-end Coilover System That Combines Mechanical and Air Suspension Elements

Published : 2020/09/24 00:19 Modified : 2020/09/24 00:19

Garage Active special suspension system


Special system enables lift-up without compromising handling and performance


Kyushu’s Garage Active continues to find ways to further boost the appeal of the GT-R. Active have now released their own design “Air Assist Damper Kit” for lowdown R32 to R34 Skyline models.



Here, a lift-up air cylinder (front and rear) is docked to an advanced Active coilover (F10kg/mm, R8kg/mm). This system is key when necessary to navigate slopes or bumps but has required depth to support full-throttle sports driving.



The price is aimed at 533,000yen for a full set. It can also be installed on other models, so those interested should contact Active directly.


●Contact:Garage Active  1407-1 Imai, Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL:0930-25-4488


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