「MAX Orido Gets Carsick on a Test Drive?!」Ika-ten’s 64th Tohoku Tournament Playback【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/09/25 20:19 Modified : 2020/09/25 20:19

Cool Street Team Heaven at Ika-ten’s Tohoku Tournament Part ② V-OPT.067④



This time we bring you highlights from the 64th Tournament of the Ika-ten series in the Northern region of Japan, Tohoku. This video plays back the high-skill attacks by selected talented drivers from the individual and team battles in the first round of the tournament.



After the tournament, MAX Orido who served as a tournament judge rode along with the winner. He calmly analyzed the driving technique of the champion on-course but despite being an experienced driver suffered a bit of car-sickness being tossed around the circuit. Let’s watch what happened!