「’Almost’ Street Racer Spec?!」This AA63 Liftback with ‘Showa’ Flavor is Elegant

Published : 2020/09/25 20:10 Modified : 2020/09/25 20:10

Sophisticated body lines unique to the late-Showa period!


An AA63 Celica that goes for a clean and simple street racer style


The “All 86 Fan Meeting 2020 in Haruna” was held recently in Gunma Prefecture, at the stage famous from the Initial D comics. It was there that we spotted this beautiful 3rd generation Celica.



When asked why he attended an all 86 event, the owner answered that this model was the AA63 which was equipped with the same 4A-G engine as the AE86. Although it stayed in the shadow of the Celica XX which came with an in-line 6-cylinder engine, the AA63 Celica still sported beautiful styling and held on to a bit of the spirit of the 86.



“Originally I enjoyed customizing and driving a GX71 Cresta, but I thought that a 2-door sports coupe would be fun. I tried to style it like an old-school simple street racer that didn’t overdo things,” says the owner.



For the suspension, the owner himself customized the setup based on genuine factory shocks. The wheels are 15-inch SSR MkIII. Sizing is 8.5J -19 at the front and 9J -25 at the rear. The choice of wheels and lowdown ride height shout classic Japanese tuning car.



The interior is kept stock. The seat fabric still remains in beautiful condition. The shape of the seats look similar to those of the Z10 Soarer. 70-series Supra also have a similar style seat but are slightly different. It seems Toyota implemented this seat as a grand touring style seat in its 80s models which had good hold for sports driving as well as long-distance drive comfort.



This particular model came equipped with the 4A-G. Although the engine is in good running order, the owner plans to refresh the engine bay in the future. The owner also made an exhaust with a sporty sound and exit pipes that visually keep with the low-down style.



The body was updated with a full respray of the original factory color so it still looks in great condition. The simplicity in the tuning style allows you to focus on the sporty lines and the silhouette of the car remains elegant and uncluttered. Although it was a minor model, it had no problem standing out at the event.


PHOTO:Shinichi Tsutsumi

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