「An Eye Catching 86 Outfitted With FT-1 Concept-Style Aero!」A USDM Spec Car that Exudes Its Owner’s Individuality

Published : 2020/09/29 23:47 Modified : 2020/09/29 23:47

A super rare front bumper gives this 86 an edge!


This is a ZN6 with interesting parts choices that give off a USDM feel


A USDM-conscious parts selection makes this low-down 86 stand out in a crowd. The exterior has obviously been customized throughout but the main style point is probably its rare front bumper.



The front bumper seen here is a piece sold by Aerial Auto Works. The design is reminiscent of the FT-1 Concept model that preceded the GR Supra, giving this 86 an personality of its own.



The front fenders are made by INGs. Due to the presence of slits and air ducts, they look quite wide. In reality they widen the car by just 10mm on each side, making it compatible with regular vehicle inspection regulations. The wheels are 3SDM 0.05’s. Sizing is 9.5J +35 which uses a 3mm spacer to achieve perfect fitment within the fenders.



Old-school style louvers are also installed on the rear. This is another parts choice that reflects the owner’s USDM sense of style.



The taillights are LED models sold by TOM’S. Although these particular models have already been discontinued, they remain a rare and sought after item.



The interior is basically genuine factory, but the A-pillars have graffiti work by an artist on them giving the inside a playful finish. Color coordination based on red pulls the interior together.



The 86 and BRZ which are popular as custom bases are rarely finished in this style. It seems the owner arrived at the current spec by repeatedly changing parts. Judging by its current look, we can tell he has a discerning sensibility and style.


PHOTO:Hayato Tsuchiya

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