「This is a Prime Example of a Street Spec BNR34!」A Simple Exterior Hides a Beast with 800hp!

Published : 2020/09/29 20:40 Modified : 2020/09/29 20:40

2.8L + V-Cam + T88-34D Turbo


A fully tuned BNR34 that’s right at home on the circuit or street!


Rivertec’s BNR34 has a duct that discharges hot air from the engine bay and front fenders that look like genuine NISMO at a glance. Mr. Kawasaki of Rivertec tells us this Skyline was built under the concept of “enjoying swift street performance”.



The engine has increased displacement with an HKS 2.8L kit and the port polishing work was performed on the head that is equipped with HKS’s V-Cam. The turbo is a T88-34D. Capacity of the intake system was also increased including a TRUST 4-layer intercooler and large capacity surge tank. Boost pressure is controlled by BLITZ’s SBC i-D.


The exhaust system consists of HKS exhaust manifold, original front pipe and muffler. However, the exhaust note is so quiet that you’d never imagine its a fully tuned car.



A collector tank and dual Bosch fuel pumps sit in the trunk. This setup helps realize stable fuel supply even at high RPM and high load. There is a cut-switch that cuts power supply to the pumps pictured in the foreground.



Wheels are Volk Racing SE37 in 10.5J +15 front and rear. Tires are 295/30-18 Hankook Ventus TD. The suspension is a TEIN RS kit with 14kg/mm front and rear with an emphasis on street comfort.


Alcon calipers are used up front. Rotors in both front and rear were upgraded to larger ones.



The the transmission to handle 800ps, an OS Giken 6-speed sequential OS-88 was introduced. The clutch and front and rear LSD are ATS carbon and final gear was set at 4.1.


The main gauges are NISMO with a max of 320km/h on the scale at 11,000rpm. The boost pressure has a multifunction display with the addition of NISMO’s expansion kit. Water temp and oil temp among other information is displayed by way of additional Defi gauges.



“I made this car under the theme of enjoying spirited driving on the street. Because of that I paid specific attention to the ride comfort and exhaust volume. If you focus strictly on circuit driving, it will be a difficult car to drive on city streets, especially in terms of comfort,” says Mr. Kawasaki.


Even though this car was built for the street, it still clocks an astonishing 1 minute 47 seconds 195 at Fuji Speedway. It is an amazing all-rounder that feels at home in any environment.


●Special Thanks:Rivertec  2-7-16 Ushirono, Nakagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL:092-954-3040


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