「How About Upgrading Your Noisy Exhaust?」The Exhaust With Variable Valve Control Direct from the Manufacturer!

Published : 2020/10/01 13:31 Modified : 2020/10/01 13:32

Achieves high level exhaust efficiency and noise control!


Kakimoto Racing’s 2-way valve switching exhaust system approach


It was produced as exhaust efficiency and quietness are required for street cars. The “2-way valve switching type” was developed by Kakimoto Racing to achieve the ultimate balance between performance and street driving.



The variable valve and bypass path are installed in the main pipe. The main pipe has both a full straight path and a path with muffler. The variable valve opens and closes to control which path the exhaust flows to.



The car in this feature is a drift-spec 180SX. It has a narrow bypass path (50φ) and sub-silencer in the 80φ main pipe. Even in silent mode with the valve closed, exhaust flow is sufficient for all normal city driving.



The variable valve is controlled by an actuator. Operating conditions can be finely set according to the use or enviroment. It is operated by way of a simple control switch.



This muffler is produced in almost all cases as one-off, but the price for the model pictured on this 180SX is around 200,000yen. For tuned cars that need volume control and exhaust efficiency, why not contact Kakimoto Racing for your own?


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