「How About GR Supra Coilovers that Increase Grip?」HKS Unveils Drag Dampers

Published : 2020/10/10 21:16 Modified : 2020/10/10 21:16

Hipermax MAX-Ⅳ SP DRAG Appears


Straight line type coilovers that increase traction!


The GR Supra comes equipped with launch control enabling an agile start from zero. However, since the genuine factory suspension is set to the front load, it is difficult to fully utilize its function.


With this in mind, HKS have developed coilovers especially for straight line acceleration that increase traction performance over that of the genuine factory suspension. These coilovers apply the load to the rear wheels during acceleration. This is HKS’s “Hipermax MAX IV SP DRAG”.


One point of this suspension is that stroke distribution can be adjusted without changing the vehicle ride height. In other words, the case length of the rear shock is shortened which strengthens rear-leaning posture during hard acceleration.



The front damper adopts the HKS traditional inverted type with high rigidity. Damping force has a 30-step adjustment range. 200mm front springs have a rate of 6kg/mm.



Because the front has a lower strut shape, camber is not adjusted on the lower side like a normal strut type. Instead the upper mount has a pillowball slide type with an adjustment range of around 1 degree from genuine factory.



The upper mounts are laser cut aluminum. The damping force adjustment dial is installed at the bottom of the upper mount. The 250mm rear springs have a rate of 10kg/mm.


Another feature is that the rubber bumpstops act as a sub-spring that can help correspond to higher power to achieve more grip.



This coilover set is priced at 340,000yen and is compatible with the GR Supra RZ. Not only for drag-purposed Supras, this suspension is also recommended to owners who want to increase traction on the street.


●Contact:HKS 7181 Kitayama, Fujinomiya, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:0544-29-1235

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