「I’m Still Driving It 20 Years Later!」A Fully Tuned 2T-G ‘Daruma’ Celica Drag Car

Published : 2020/10/10 22:00 Modified : 2020/10/10 22:00

400m in 13.6 seconds with 200hp and a TRD 5-speed cross


A drag spec 2T-G from back in the day


This TA22 Celica has been evolving as a drag car for over 20 years since the time of its purchase. “At that time, I felt that the inline-6 was a tough class to play with so I chose this Celica to enjoy a full-tune spec in the inline-4 class,” says the owner.



The engine is a 200ps spec 1940cc 2T-G with reinforced connecting rods. The carburator is a 50φ Solex and headers are race-spec Fujitsubo. The exhaust is a one-off original. The ignition system is reinforced with a drag spec MSD 7AL-2 and HVC coil II to stop misfiring at high revs.



On the interior are an MSD ignition 2-step module and RPM module selector to carefully control revs for the starter and rev limiter. During racing up to 9200rpm can be used.



Front and rear wheels are 13-inches. Front tires are 165/70 Kenda Comet Plus and rears are M&H 205/60 drag tires. The Celica’s bright yellow body and fat tires give it the appearance of an overseas drag racer.



With the exception of the dashboard almost all unnecessary interior parts have been removed. It is a fully stripped race spec. Acceleration power is improved with help from a TRD 5-speed cross.



「Times go up and down all across the board with this setup, but this is part of the fun of drag racing.」says the owner. His current best time is 13.6 seconds. He wants to keep tuning this 2T-G and changing the settings to continue to improve his times.


●Event Coverage:DRAG FESTIVAL WEST 2020 Rd.2  Central Circuit