「Even the Brave Max Orido Screams in Fear?!」Playback of the 65th Ika-ten Shikoku Tournament!【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/10/12 22:47 Modified : 2020/10/12 22:47

The 65th Ika-ten Shikoku Tournament Group & Individual Finals plus Orido’s Machine Check V-OPT.068 ④



This time we show footage from the 1999 Ika-ten Tournament in Shikoku Japan that was full of wild crashes. Let’s take a look at high-level manuvering by talented drivers who won the individual battle and teams who stood out on the first round.



After the tournament, a young Max Orido rode along in the winners car and gave us his impression. The driving of Mr. Tanaka who won the tournament was described by Orido as, “crazy intense”. He was even screaming from the passenger seat being whipped around the track. Take a look at his ride-along!