「Only an NSX Can Warrant a 4 Million Yen Body Kit?!」A Serious Super Wide Dry Carbon Full Kit!

Published : 2020/10/16 23:11 Modified : 2020/10/16 23:11

Arm your NC1 NSX with carbon armor!


A super wide body in dry carbon emits real sports essence


Well known aero parts maker “Aimgain” was founded in 2002. They came onto the scene with a kit for 16-series Aristo that company president Mr. Ito was driving at the time. He just started making kits in the style that he felt was cool and developed 6 variations on kits for the 16-series Aristo alone.



“The required elements that make a car cooler depend on the vehicle class and the style of the base car. When we develop new kit, we first carefully examine the factory styling and the imagine where we can take it from there. I feel that if we embody that ideal without any compromise, we can naturally create a new silhouette with a strong presence,” says Mr. Ito.



The “Aimgain GT Series” given to the NC1 NSX is a work that follows Aimgain’s tried and true development concepts. The aim was to inject a real aggressive sports feel to the car. With respect to the factory design elements, they have incorporated the latest technology in aerodynamics to improve upon the original design. All materials use dry carbon.



The front has been given a 3-piece aero package to further enhance the aggressive styling but hold on to the NSX-ness. The front grille and center opening are left as is, but the 3D modelled front end emphasizes added volume for a sportier widened face.



By increasing the volume throughout, even the 50mm added width of the front fenders appears natural, creating a sense of dynamism. Duct work syncronizes with the press line of the door panel.


Original Aimgain GTM front wheels in 9.0J x 20 -10 sizing are lightweight and elegant. The brake system has been upgraded further adding to the sports feel.



Rear fenders that add 80mm of width to each side. Coupled with the deeply carved press line and side skirt, the fenders house 11.5J x 21 -30 GTM wheels with wide rims.



A 1800mm wide GT wing is installed at the rear. The rear end feels shorter due to the wide body and long front section of the car, so wing mounting brackets were pulled further towards the rear to balance it visually. This complements the rear deck spoiler well and the rear diffuser enhances the sense of width.



The price of the full carbon kit is 4 million yen. A wide and low form that skillfully accents the cars original lines shows Aimgain’s expert approach to styling. It takes the premium sports feel that can only be found in the NSX even further.


●Contact:Aimgain TEL:082-427-2334


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