「Exclusive for Left Hand Drive AE86?!」Tec Arts x Fujitsubo Collaboration Exhaust Manifold Arrives!

Published : 2020/10/17 01:09 Modified : 2020/10/17 01:09

A response to the commercial demand from overseas AE86 fans!


The ultimate exhaust manifold for left hand drive 86 is born


“Tec Arts” is a shop known as one of the best in Japanese AE86 tuning. They recently collaborated with famous exhaust maker Fujitsubo to produce this specialized exhaust manifold. They have actually collaborated previously on a lineup of high-performance exhausts but the highlight this time is a design specialized for left-hand drive vehicles.



“I took part in a local Hachiroku meeting when I visited USA for the SEMA show before. I got a lot of requests from AE86 owners who wanted an exhaust manifold for left hand drive cars,” says Mr. Kamada, representative of Tec Arts.



The product is made of stainless steel and is JASMA certified. It is sold not only as a tuning part but also as a genuine repair item. Bolts, nuts and gaskets required for installation are also included in the set. The price is 108,000 yen. For Hachiroku owners with steering wheels on the left side, both overseas and in Japan, this is a must-check item.


●Special Thanks:Tec Arts  54-1 Ukizuka, Yashio, Saitama Prefecture TEL:048-994-2081


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