「Watch Out for This GT-R!」This Exhaust Captures the Real『GODZILLA』Spirit Turning the R35 Into a Flamethrower!

Published : 2020/10/19 00:54 Modified : 2020/10/19 00:54

The explosion sound and jets of flame are insane!


A misfiring system brings the true『GODZILLA』to life


Based in Machida, Tokyo, tuners Blast handle custom body and engine tuning work. They are also Liberty Walk agents and the shop is supported by users who want to emphasize their cars individuality including widebody kits.


“We value true balance in tuning and customization and we can make suggestions on the ideal tune for each individuals car that comes in to our shop” says Blast’s Mr. Fujino. One of their popular items is a fire-blowing exhaust system dubbed “Godzilla” that has shown good sales among customers.



“Its a misfiring system but when paired with the right ECU settings it becomes something altogether different,” he says. They have the system installed on their own R35 demo car. The F-CON V Pro 3.4 becomes the axis for control of this system.



The mechanism basically a rev limiter that prevents over-rev. Using the F-CON V Pro function, a dedicated switch on the console temporarily cuts the ignition. Thick unburned fuel then explodes into the exhaust pipe and flames are blown out the tail end with an explosive sound.



“Godzilla” functions even when the vehicle is at rest. In that case, the shift position is in park and the e-brake is pulled.



The demo car shown at the time of this coverage was tuned based on the HKS GT800 kit generating 900ps by increasing the intercooler capacity and upgrading the fuel system. Piping, wastegate and muffler are equipped by Blast using one-off original production.



This R35 uses the F-CON V Pro, but depending on the model it may be possible to install and use the “Godzilla” by rewriting the genuine factory ECU. If not a turbo car, it will not produce a noticeable flame but with some models even with NA it is possible.


Usage is limited but if you really want the showstopping flame effect of this “Godzilla” exhaust system, contact Blast.


●Contact:Blast 5-15-28 HB8 Ogawa, Machida, Tokyo TEL:042-706-9216


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