「Mazda’s Legendary 787B Will Be There Too!」Japan’s Largest Rotary Meeting is Coming Up Soon

Published : 2020/10/19 01:38 Modified : 2020/10/19 01:38

A large gathering of industry trend leaders!


The Mt. Haruna Rotary Meeting 2020 will be held on the famous Initial D stage


The largest rotary-only event in Japan, “Mt. Haruna Rotary Meeting” has its 2020 event coming up soon. The venue is the parking lot of Shibukawa Skyland Park in Gunma prefecture. The date is Saturday, October 24th.



The venue has space for display (rotary-only) cars in the main area for 2000yen entry fee, and general parking for spectators at 1000yen. Spectators or entrants both can get a business card sized special event stainless steel plate. The memorial plate is limted and available on a first-come-first-served basis.



Although the daily event schedule includes a car show contest and rock-paper-scissors tournament for prizes, the main purpose is to gather fans of rotary engined cars to talk freely and share their love of cars.



In addition, many manufacturers and tuning shops who are partnered with the organizer D’z Garage are scheduled to participate. Trend leaders including RE Amemiya, ORC, Car Shop Glow, Knight Sports, Panspeed and others will bring out their demo cars to the event.



On top of that, the famous Mazda 787B (Number 202) will attend as a feature car. This will be a great opportunity to hear its 4-rotor sound.



As a preventative measure against Coronavirus, guests temperature will be measured upon entry to the venue and mask check will be confirmed. Rotary lovers who are thinking to attend should be in good physical condition. We will see you there at the sacred place for Initial D fans.



Date:Saturday, October 24th 2020

Location:Parking lot of Shibukawa Skyland Park (2843-3 Kanai, Shibukawa, Gunma Prefecture)

Entry Fee:Rotary Show Cars 2000yen/Spectator Cars 1000yen (1 car/1 driver admission fee、includes limited commemorative plate)



●Contact:D’z Garage TEL:0279-26-2880



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