「If There Was an AE86 Black Limited Levin・・・」A Young Hachiroku Fan’s Perfect Ride

Published : 2020/10/20 01:41 Modified : 2020/10/24 19:00

This car’s discreet exterior gives off an unrivaled aura!


A Levin that goes to show that “simple is best”


“The AE86 that I used to drive got scrapped in an accident. Around that time, my favorite tuning shop was talking about making a Levin version of the Black Limited car so I asked if I could buy it,” says the owner.


Despite being only 24 years old, this genuine Hachiroku freak has so far owned a 2-door Levin and now this 3-door Levin.



The Black Limited is a model that was limited to 400 units back when the AE86 was sold new. Although it was only produced in the Trueno variant, this car was done in faithful Black Limited specification using a Levin instead.



Like the exterior, the engine bay also boasts a super clean finish. It is powered by a 5-valve 4A-G from an AE111, which the owner pulled out of his previous 86.



The ITB funnels are beautiful pieces made by Garage Annex. The tornado-shaped exhaust manifold that stands out on the opposite side was made by Powercraft. Althought it is a light tune focusing on intake and exhaust, it does to perfection what it has set out to do.



The exhaust is a Fujitsubo Regalis R model. From this you can hear the high-pitched crisp sound that is typical of the 4A-G.



The fenders are made by welded iron plate and add 20mm of width to each side while still maintaining the original factory atmosphere. The work here is so natural that you wouldn’t notice unless pointed out to you.



Wheels are 15-inch Volk Racing TE37V. Thanks to the wide fenders, aggressive sizing of 9J -15 are fitted front and rear, an impossible feat with the genuine factory normal body.



The interior is based on a clean monotone theme. The center panel is adorned with triple Defi gauges for hydraulic pressure, oil temp and water temp.



For the shift gate, the factory shift boot was removed in favor of an aluminum panel. If you’re not an AE86 owner, you might overlook this point because it fits in so well on the sporty interior.



After removing the rear seats, a one-off original panel was made to make it fully flat. The rollcage was originally black but was repainted to genuine BNR32 gunmetal to make it stand out more.



The TRD windshield banner was affixed on the inside with a transparent carbon fiber effect underlaid on the TRD logo to tremendous effect. The owner definitely has a good eye for cool details. 



This car is already looking stunning, but the owner tells us he’s “Thinking of changing the wheel setup to 13-inch Watanabe’s. I tried on the wheels that my friend had and it looked great so I might go that route next.”


The tuning life of this young owner seems likely to continue, with him investing more time and money in his pride and joy AE86.


PHOTO:Shinichi Tsutsumi

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