「Here’s Kyushu’s Fastest DC5 Integra Type R!」A Super Sporty Honda That Demands to Be Driven Hard

Published : 2020/10/20 02:01 Modified : 2020/10/20 23:25

Naturally aspirated modifed 2.4L K20A generates 290 horsepower


A fully tuned machine produced by a famous Honda tuning shop


This DC5 which has very aggressive styling as you can see, is a time attack car developed by the famous M & M Honda in Kyushu. The shop has a concept of taking street cars to the limit as circuit machines.



The engine is a K20A with 87.5φ pistons and 99mm stroke crank increasing displacement to 2.4L. The choice for throttles is the φ50 Toda Racing sports injection. It produces 290ps in naturally aspirated spec. The cooling system was upgraded by equipping an M&M original aluminum radiator and oil cooler kit.



The muffler is an one-off original full titanium model with a φ70 main pipe and φ110 outlet. The rear diffuser was installed with the goal of improving stability at high circuit speeds.



Front brakes are AP Racing 6-pot caliper and 355mm rotors. The rears are upgraded to big 355mm rotors. The suspension is an Olins based M&M Type 1 model with hard spring rates of 20kg/mm at the front and 28kg/mm at the rear.



The fender kit, which is also an M&M original product, adds 65mm to each side. This allows fitment of wide 18-inch Volk Racing ZE40’s in 10.5J +15 up front and 9.5J +22 at the rear. Tires are Advan A050M in 295/35 and 225/40 sizing.



The only thing that remains factory normal is part of the instrument panel. Other than that, it is a simplified functional racing cockpit. The rollcage is welded in and the body was reinforced far beyond that of the stock DC5.



As a result of continuing to improve track times, this DC5 has evolved to set the fastest FF time at Autopolis Circuit, 2 minutes 4 seconds 876 with racing driver Tarzan Yamada at the wheel. You can say that M&M have put their distinctive touch on the car from the engine to the bodywork and beyond.


●Special Thanks:M&M Honda  1-18-8 Kokubu, Dazaifu, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL:092-923-1955


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