「Why Not Upgrade Your 86’s Transmission?」A 6-Speed Sequential Kit For the AE86 is Now Available!

Published : 2020/10/21 23:59 Modified : 2020/10/22 00:08

Good news for AE86 circuit fighters!


The prestigious Tec Arts releases their sequential transmission kit


The AE86 remains a car that still gets undying support from car lovers. Especially for those involved in the circuit scene, theres now good news for all Hachiroku speed freaks.



For those die-hards, the well known 86 tuners Tec Arts have continued to release a number of parts as lethal weapons for hachiroku owners. The latest is their collaboration with TTi of New Zealand who are famous for competition transmissions. The product this time is a special 6-speed sequential exclusively for the AE86.



There are two types of this transmission; One for NA (350ps compatible) which uses a magnesium body to reduce body weight by 27kg. The other is for turbo (800ps compatible) which also ensures heavy strength. Considering each power characteristic, Tec Arts also has specified the optimium gear ratio.


The kit components are the gearbox body (with 4AG input), a genuine factory bell mounting adapter, dedicated output flange (AP1 CV type), urethane mount bushing and shift indicator. The price for both types will be 1,489,000yen.


●Special Thanks:Tec Arts  54-1 Ukizuka, Yashio, Saitama Prefecture TEL:048-994-2081


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