「Is This the Same RB26 Supra That Smokey Nagata Loved?」The Legendary Demo Car Lives On With a New Owner!

Published : 2020/10/22 23:57 Modified : 2020/10/23 00:02

The Top Secret Supra continues to evolve!


The RB26-powered car that participated in a high speed attack in New Zealand.


The All-Japan Supra Meeting 2020 was held at Fuji Speedway on Sunday, October 11th. Hundreds of Supras from all generations of the model gathered from all over Japan. Among them, one car had a particularly unique aura.


The aggressive JZA80 Supra seen here was on display with its hood open. Those familiar with famous Supras will immediately recognize the source of this car from the engine bay. Inside was not the 2JZ-GTE from the factory, but rather the rival Nissan RB26DETT!



“I happened to find this car up for sale five years ago. I recognized it as the Top Secret demo car from V-OPT videos,” says the owner.



Its true that this JZA80 was once a Top Secret demo car. It ran both at Yatabe as well as a high speed attack trial in New Zealand. The current owner is not tuning the car to his own liking, upgrading parts while still paying respect to the cars dynamic heritage.



Since many of the parts slowly deteriorated over time, the owner once again asked Top Secret for an overhaul and tune-up. The 2.8L spec engine will get a Trust T78-29D turbo to produce 650hp at max booth of 1.5kg.



The exhaust is a Top Secret one-off original model of titanium. This allows it to be compatible with the RB26 but still suit the layout of the Supra.



The brakes were upgraded to Brembo calipers on the front and rear. The fronts are the same as ones produced for the Ferrari F50 in the 1990s. The suspension is an Aragosta-based Top Secret original setup. Wheels are 18-inch Volk Racing GT-C.



At the time of purchase, the exterior had a Tamon Design widebody kit. The owner originally planned to return to genuine factory exterior look but the rear fenders were cut quite drastically to fit the widebody kit so he gave up on that idea. After further consideration, he decided on the RIDOX kit seen here.



Although audio was added by the owner, the cockpit otherwise retains the original atmosphere of the demo car. Stack gauges and pale gold interior panels remain. The steering wheel is Nardi Personal’s Top Secret model.


The body was spot welded and reinforced by Top Secret originally. Even without a roll cage the car boasts tremendous rigidity.



“Now, I’m not doing any extreme circuit attacks with this car but rather enjoying spirited drives on weekends. I like getting out on traffic free stretches and give the accelerator an energetic punch. Its a lot of fun and the perfect car for this kind of thing,” says the owner.


We hear that the owner also has an MA70 Supra Turbo A at home. He switches between that car and the JZA80 according to his mood. With such a winning pair, we are sure he’s the envy of all Supra fans.


PHOTO:Shinichi Tsutsumi

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