「A 1.5J + T88-34D Turbo Producing 580HP!」A High Speed Spec JZX100 Chaser with Automatic Transmission

Published : 2020/10/23 21:40 Modified : 2020/10/23 21:40

Overwhelming speed even left in the D range!


High-power AT spec Chaser that you can enjoy without shifting gears


Prime Garage is a tuning shop in Kitakyushu that is familiar with a range of car models including their C35 Laurel demo car which aims to be the fastest sedan. The focus of this JZX100 Chaser was to upgrade parts throughout based on usage with its automatic transmission.



The engine is a so-called “1.5JZ” which mounts a 1JZ head on a 2JZ. Combined with a Trust T88-34D turbo, it produces 580ps / 63kg at max boost pressure of 1.5kg. The cooling system is upgraded with HKS’s 13-stage oil cooler and HPI 3-layer radiator.



Engine management is done by an HKS F-CON V Pro 4.0. Not only fuel adjustment and ignition timing, but also variable valve timing (VVT-i) are finely controlled. Rev limit is set at 7000 rpm.



The green front and rear calipers by Project Mu are functional and eye catching. Rotor diameters are 355mm at the front and 324mm at the rear. The suspension is set up with Apex N1 dampers (F12kg/mm R8kg/mm) and Ikeya Formula adjustable arms expand the alignment adjustment range. The LSD is an ATS carbon 2-way.



Wheels are 18-inch Advan Racing RZ-DF (F9.0J R10.5J) and tires are Advan Neova AD08R in F225/40 and R245/40 sizing.



The interior is basically stock except for bucket seats and a MOMO steering wheel. The transmission is automatic but as the genuine factory unit cannot handle over 500hp, it was upgraded to a Sard unit.



When you think of a fully tuned car with over 500hp, you’re sure to imagine some stress on the driver under heavy use. Here however, careful engine management and automatic transmission contribute to a comfortable and enjoyable experience of high power. Prime Garage have really outdone themselves on this one.


●Prime Garage  3-3-5 Kuzuharahigashi, Kokuraminami, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka Prefecture TEL:093-473-2338


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