「This is the Heyday of Serious Battles!」Playback from the Intense All Japan GT 1999 Championship【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/10/24 22:25 Modified : 2020/10/24 22:25

A dogfight of famous V-OPT performers! The 1999 All Japan GT Championship Rd.6 V-OPT.069 ③



This time we take a look back at Round 6 of the 1999 All Japan GT Championship series. It was especially popular as a V-OPT back number. It includes the late Shinichi Yamaji or Takeyari Yamaji as he was known. Here lets look at a highlight reel of this exciting series.



Pushing and bumping were commonplace in this exciting race. What we saw in these races cannot be seen anymore today. The powerful on-board video captured is a must-see. Keep an eye out for the appearances of such brave figures at RE Amemiya’s Ame-san and Hira-P!