「A Total GR Supra Takeover!」BLITZ Prepares to Unleash a Lineup of Parts for All Grades

Published : 2020/10/26 22:03 Modified : 2020/10/26 22:03

A new idea removes air ducts! A widebody kit that stands out on city streets


Product development for all grades of the Supra


BLITZ rolls out a number of new GR Supra tuning parts developed for the street. One particular standout is the widebody kit that drew attention earlier this year at Tokyo Auto Salon. The body lines are so natural on this kit that most would mistake it for factory stock. BLITZ’s “Aero Speed R Concept” gives a refreshing look to the GR Supra.



“The design we aimed for was one that would allow total street useability. Its simple but wide. The appearance is like an import sports car,” says BLITZ spokesperson Mr. Kobayashi.


“We are conscious of an apperance that enhances the body lines. For that reason, we smoothed out the air ducts and brought the nose to a point that contrasts its wide fenders,” he continued.



The result is a sharp form that has a distinctive BLITZ feel to it. This wide body kit takes a different route to the current trend of fenders that have a bolt-on appearance.



The kit consists of front and rear bumpers, front and rear wide fenders, side spoilers and diffusers, door panels, rear bumper side fins and a rear wing. Fenders add 30mm of width at the front and 50mm to the rear at each side. The price of the kit is 1 million yen for FRP and 1.4 million yen for carbon/FRP.



The car draws the body lines into an elegant and sweeping form. BLITZ’s full-spec coilover kit “Damper ZZ-R” have been installed on this demo car. The kit is single cylinder full-length adjustable with 32 step damping force adjustment.



A unit that cancels out the genuine factory electronically controlled suspension is also available. Spring rates are 6kg/mm at the front and 8kg/mm at the rear. The SZ grade model rate up front is 5kg/mm.



A function expansion part for the Damper ZZ-R kit is the DSC Plus. This is an electronic part that allows damping force the be adjusted from inside the vehicle. It supports not only manual operation but also fully automated control linked with the car’s G sensor and speedometer.



There are also various parts supporting engine performance. A carbon intake system is available at 148,000yen for the SZ and SZ-R grade model. The same for the RZ model comes in at 168,000yen. The system enhances intake efficiency by a ram pressure effect while blocking out hot air. A stainless mesh filter helps achieve sharp response. In the RZ model, this increases power by 5.2ps.



Throttle response is improved and boost pressure is increased by about 0.1 to 0.2kg with a power-up package offered at 60,000yen. The RZ model attains 36.3ps, SZ-R reaches 22.3ps and the SZ 34ps, all significant increases in output. This package’s goal is to draw out more power from the original stock engine.



A Nür-spec finisher VSR exhaust available at 88,000yen replaces only the tail end while drastically improving performance of the genuine factory exhaust. A 110φ titanium exit pipe injects added presence and performance.



A 6-pot caliper kit is currently in development for added stopping power. It is marketed not only at circuit runners but street drivers too.



As you can see BLITZ already offers and abundant lineup of aftermarket parts for the GR Supra. A look at these products will reinforce BLITZ’s image at specialist tuners. Expectations are high for these parts and more to follow.


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