「An Optimal Solution for an Owner Seeking to Make His Ultimate BNR32!」A Genuine Factory Look and Water Injection

Published : 2020/10/27 22:38 Modified : 2020/10/27 22:38

A GT-R fans machine for BNR32 track days


Generating 600 horsepower with GT2530 twin turbo + V cam!


While pursuing a unique spec for his GT-R, the owner of this BNR32 left it up to Autoland Vortex to tune a multi-purpose Skyline that could be at home on the street or the circuit.



The engine, which has been upgraded repeatedly for circuit use. It is a 613hp specification that combines an HKS GT2530 turbo and V cam. The body is kept factory normal without aero parts. The cooling system is equipped with water injection that lowers the temperature of the combustion chamber by releasing a water/ethanol mixture into the chamber. Engine management is handled by an F-CON V Pro 4.0.



The suspension is a Zeal Function coilover setup (F14kg/mm R12kg/mm). Brakes are Brembo calipers and Endless e-slit rotors (F355mm R330mm) for stability and improved braking power.


Wheels are Weds Sport TC10SN. Tires are Hankook Ventus TD in 295/30-18 sizing.



The owner is a fan of the genuine factory R32 body, so he’s kept the exterior and genuine as close to stock as possible. Air conditioner and navigation are kept intact to comfortably make round trip drives to and from the circuit.



A Safety 21 roll cage brings the cars weight to over 1500kg. However, the concept is to enjoy driving safely and comfortably, so the owner feel this was the right choice to finish off the car.



“I like the atmosphere of the BNR32 as it came from the factory, so I’m tuning it simply without going overboard. I also use it for normal street driving so keeping driver comforts was essential. For the circuit safety and body rigidity were of great importance. However, there is still plenty of power and braking force to make it competitive and fun on the circuit,” says the owner.


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