「Add Some TOM’S Flavor to Your Engine Bay!」Introducing a Oil Cap With TOM’S Racing Spirit

Published : 2020/10/28 23:35 Modified : 2020/10/28 23:35

Also supports hard driving!


Take a look at this oil cap made by the one and only TOM’S!


TOM’S have been active in the Toyota tuning scene for many years. They’ve just release a new product; This sporty looking oil cap.


This cap adds a touch of sports tuning flavor and personality to your engine bay. There are a lot of aftermarket options available for such a cap, but none quite like TOM’S. It is packed with the prestigious feel and attention to detail of the well known brand.



The product is intended for hard circuit use and has a wire lock hole to prevent it from becoming loose. The main body is machined from aluminum and the dial uses POM resin which has excellent reat resistance. This allows maintenance to be performed soon after the engine is stopped.


The price is 7800yen and it corresponds to M37 x P3.0 pitch. There are some vehicle models that cannot support this cap due to their engine layout. Please consult TOM’S offical website for compatibility details.


●Contact:TOM’S TEL:03-3704-6191


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