「A Fighting Spirit Widebody Kit for the ND Roadster!」A Top Quality Aero Kit That Combines Aggressiveness and Nostalgia

Published : 2020/10/28 01:11 Modified : 2020/10/28 01:11

Muscular widebody style!


A wonderful work that pursues originality while adding elegance to the original bodylines


Aimgain is a well known parts manufacturer making aero parts kits for various types of cars including sports, hybrid and luxury vehicles. Among them, Aimgain GT seeks to provide pure sports style aero kits centered on widebody designs.



The devolopment team who are enthusiastic about creating a kit full of impact chose the ND Roadster as their canvas this time. They created a highly complete look that is “stylish and beautiful from any angle.” There was a lot of motiviation behind creating this kit.


They decided to let the genuine factory front and rear bumpers remain and focus on creating a widebody kit that makes the most of the cars original lines.



In order to add a touch of sportiness to the front, a lip underspoiler with overhang was added. This keeps simplicity but adds the feel of a time attack machine.



The volume increase at the front and rear of the fenders is minimized but still expand width by 40mm on each side at the front and 60mm at the rear.


Original 16-inch wheels, 『GIIM』were selected for this demo car, which is available in 14 color variations. 10mm spacers are added up front and 38mm spacers at the rear to perfectly fit 9J -19 wheels within the fenders.



A rear under spoiler that incorporates diffuser fins is made with smooth curving lines. It is designed assuming installation of an original center mounted exhaust.



By installing this body kit, an element of nostalgic taste is added to the car. A ducktail shape trunk spoiler is inspired by that of a classic sports car. The main point of the kit is to remain simple and refined.



The widebody kit adds a muscular look to the lightweight ND Roadster. Such a high-end body kit injects an old-school flavor into this timeless Mazda design.



Perfect Body Kit:320,000yen (Front underspoiler:55000yen/Sideskirt:75000yen/Rear underspoiler:60000yen/Front overfenders:85000yen/Rear overfenders:85000yen) /Trunk spoiler:40000yen/Carbon exhaust:80000yen


●Contact:Aimgain TEL:082-427-2334


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